Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the origins of the Soweto Brewing Company?

A: In 2012, we started the Soweto Brewing Company with the vision of wanting to bring the success of growing craft breweries to a township environment, so we launched our own brand at the Soweto Beer Festival. Eventually The Ubuntu Kraal Brewery became the home of the Soweto Brewing Co. producing the first regional specialty beer.

Q: How will you position the new Soweto Gold - Superior Golden Lager beer into the market?

A: Soweto Gold – Superior Golden Lager is an iKasi born beer, brewed with the irrepressible spirit of South Africa that unites brothers everywhere. Our consumers are found in the townships, a place where they can express their thoughts, their dreams and their ambitions for life. To them, iKasi is a home where brotherhood is celebrated through shared stories, camaraderie and laughter. We want to continue being the link where all of this comes together.

Q: What are the variants for the Soweto Brewing Co. now?

A: At this early stage our core focus will be the expertly brewed Soweto Gold - Superior Golden Lager, which has been launched as a new mainstream offering, targeting a wider audience of South African beer drinkers at an affordable price point. The existing Lager, Cherry Ale, Apple Ale, and Gogo’s Ginger by Soweto Brewing Co. offerings will remain available on tap in selected premium outlets.

Q: Will the Soweto Brewing Co. founders retain ownership of the business?

A: Ndumiso and Josef have built an amazingly successful business – and together we will continue this success as they have transferred their shareholding to Heineken SA.

Q: Will there be any changes to the production process?

A: The highly popular and innovative specialty beers we brew (Lager, Cherry Ale, Apple Ale, and Gogo’s Ginger by Soweto Brewing Co.) will remain unchanged. The brewery operation in Soweto remains key to our brand and our provenance and we will continue to grow and invest into Soweto.

Q: What does this acquisition mean for Heineken and the Soweto Brewing Co. respectively?

Heineken is proud to associate itself with one of South Africa’s most beloved, township-grown beer brands and is excited about the possibilities that Soweto Gold - Superior Golden Lager can fulfil in the South African beer landscape.

Q: Where can I buy Soweto Gold - Superior Golden Lager?

Soweto Gold - Superior Golden Lager is currently available at retailers and traders within Soweto and will roll out nationally at the beginning of 2018.